chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Claaaay schtuffs again...


Finally finished some clay things...

Here is Sally Tomato:

And an onion:

(Btw, I HATE onions more than I can say)

And some evil marshmallows:

While I was saving these pictures I found out that I have been spelling "marshmallow" wrong my entire life. I've always thought it was marshmellow, dammit.  And then I learned that while your average bagged marshmallow at the store is just sugar, marshmallows used to be actually contain marsh mallow plant.

Marshmallows are so silly, it's hard to believe they have any sort of history or that they can be named after anything other than fluff. A Marsh Mallow plant... It's like finding out Doritos come from Dorito trees.

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