chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Not Just Flour and Water


I have a lot of crazy dreams.

Last night I dreamed that my dog Acorn died, instantly disappearing when she did, leaving behind only a pile of flour. This had apparently happened several times before, and I knew that all I had to do was mix the flour up with water and begin mashing the dough in my hands, and suddenly there she was again.

Several other ridiculous scenarios I won't mention were also going on in this dream, but I remember stopping everything else I was doing to calmly put Acorn back together again a couple times.

Toward the end of the dream I was holding her and she disappeared again. This time she didn't leave anything behind for me to recreate her. I tried to act like I wasn't worried about this, heading into the kitchen to mix up regular flour with water...

I had this feeling that the very idea and existence of the original "Acorn flour" was so ridiculous that my acceptance of it and total confidence that it would work is what made it exist and do what it did in the first place. If I walked into the kitchen now with the same complete acceptance, regular flour would work too. Ooooh, but I was already beginning to take it all apart in my head --- how ludicrous it all was --- and I knew I was ruining this mystery process.

Nothing happened after I made dough, so I figured I needed to try harder. I sculpted her face. As the dream ended I was holding this dough version of her head in my hands and staring it in the face and saying, "Come here, Acorn, let's go. Come on, let's go," like I was calling her from the other room. And I knew nothing would happen.

Don't question the flour.

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