chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Moose and Models


Some of the funniest things I've ever ever read were in the message boards below a news article. I find myself pulling open articles I don't even care about just to see what someone else is going to say about it. Today there was a bit about a super model with anger issues. Here's someone's post below it:

God. Where to begin. Look, I used to date her, ok, like about 10 years ago. We went out once or twice and she'd go nuts on me for no reason when we were out in public, at home or whatever. One time we were at a petting zoo, and she got so mad at me for something that she threw a goat at me. A goat. Then later, when security came to ask her to leave, she started throwing aardvarks, threatening to kidnap the Geico Gecko and turn him in a an alligator-purse. It was a scene. But my favorite was when she ran out of things to throw, so she threw herself at her assistants. Please don't criticize her. She's lovely, really.

Not one of the best, but creative. I wish I'd saved some of the best --- just genius, and I'd laugh again later in the day when I thought of them.
Sometimes the person isn't even trying to be funny. They are just so angry or ignorant or off-topic that the post is just absolutely nuts and makes me laugh out loud.

Here's another one under that same super model article:

If she only had Jesus in her life. Palin 2012.

Yeah, 'cause there are no angry Christians.  Oh, and it's important to work Palin into this topic... ha. 

Btw, can't someone make Palin president of a small insignificant island or give her a dumb talk show...or make sure she's eaten by a moose? Anything to keep her busy enough to get her almost completely off the radar.

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