chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Killing yourself slowly...

I always hate standing by and watching someone doing exactly what is causing them pain. Like a fellow I once watched in an auto salvage yard. I was in the office waiting for someone to locate a part for my old car, and a mechanic came in the door looking horrible. The receptionist asked him what was up, and he sat down, rubbed his sunburned face and red eyes. He said he had a horrible headache. You could SEE that headache radiating from his miserable body. He sat there sucking on a Coke and cigarette (both of which will send a migraine sky-rocketing over the edge), and he listened to this annoying receptionist prattle on (a third catalyst toward his death) about something unrelated and thoughtless. Then before he had barely rested, the boss came in the office and sent him out in the blazing hot cemetary of cars to search for something. I could have cried for him.

Tonight I was reading about an herb I've been taking, and trying to find out if it will kill me, which is just silly and poorly timed researched considering I'm already taking it. If I read some bad news now, not only would it be discouraging, it's TOO LATE! Actually, I'm not worried about it at all, just curious about other people's results. The herb seems to be helping so far. Yes, could be just in my head that it's helping, but fooling myself into feeling good is better than a kick in the butt or nothing at all.

I just came across a message board of folks who had tried this particular herb, and this fellow's post was first:

"I noticed improvements right away!
I bought a bag full of the roots and ate a teaspoon full sprinkled on a Cheezewiz sandwich. It went down easy. An hour later I felt relaxed, calm, and had a sense of well being. I now notice no desire to drink alcohol whatsoever."

This made me think of the fellow with the Coke/cigarette/miserable-occupation, and how he must have wondered what in the world was causing his migraines. Now I can see this message board guy at home drinking booze and eating Cheezwhiz sandwiches (can you really still call it a sandwich if the center is just Cheezwhiz?) saying to himself, "I just don't feel so well these days..." And rather than giving up his beloved Cheezwhiz, he begins searching for a nice natural herb to patch himself up. But, hey, if something natural is curbing his alcohol cravings, then that's at least a first step.

P.S. --- When the spelling of "cheese" has been changed to "cheez," it probably isn't really cheese that you are eating.

P.S. Part II --- When I was a kid I loved that Cheezwhiz shit. I probably still would, but I'm afraid of it now.
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