chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

A Great Day


I heard that for Christmas someone gave their kids a couple giant furniture cardboard boxes and a bunch of markers. They cut out windows and drew all over them, making a cool little playhouse together. That's the most practical and coolest present (and time spent together) EVER!!

It reminded me of how we used to get up on a Saturday morning and comb the alleys for good cardboard to go sliding down the hills of dead grass along the highway. Jackpot was finding a fridge box behind the furniture store. This meant an individual ride for every cousin, but it also meant at least one really big piece for multiple riders---a really bad idea. Cardboard bobsleds travel lightning fast and almost always throw everyone out halfway down.

My sister in action...

There was always a point you hit a bump, lost your cardboard, and went tumbling on down the hill---and it was likely you smashed into several other rolling bodies on the way down. But no one was ever really hurt. We were very durable.

When people ask if I've ever been sledding/skiing/snowboarding, I have to say no, but I have surfed a lot of dead grass and eaten a lot of dirt on the way down.

I'd like to have a day like this again soon.


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