chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Feeling Sorry for Inanimate Objects


I have an address book that is falling apart, but I feel too sorry for it to throw it away. If you hold on to one long enough and are too irresponsible to actually WRITE THE ADDRESSES ON THE PAGES OF THE BOOK, the address book loses its real identity and becomes more of a scrapbook. Mine is full of envelope flaps and post-its and things that I stuck in between pages. Like the paper heart my husband made and left on my desk to ask me on the first date:


And Acorn-the-dog's "special" ribbon she got for Christmas one year:


And the sign that used to be on our front door warning people to be aware of my cat who liked to sneak out:


By the way, this sign was still hanging up for a couple years after he passed away, and I really hated to take it down. Just like seven or eight people in my address book are actually dead, but it would be weird to start a new address book and exclude them from it, as it's so final. I like to think if my address book still has the dead people, there's a slim and magical chance I can go knock on their doors, and they will answer.

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