chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Special Feature


Last weekend I lifted my arm to pull my hair up into a pony-tail and caused my phone to fall out of my jacket pocket, bounce on the toilet seat, and fall into the toilet. It was completely submerged, glub glub glub, bubbles, filling with water...

So I figure it's a goner, but the lights are still on when I pull it out. What the hell, it's already wet, so I rinse it off with cleaner water and dry it. Remove the battery. I let it sit for an hour, as supposedly you should let it dry inside before trying it again or you fry the guts. Yeah, an hour isn't going to cut it, but that's when I lose my patience and have to check.

Phone still works but sounds gargly strange---everyone sounds like a monster, which is neato, but hard to understand. The numbers on the keyboard are faded and no longer turn into different characters under another setting. So kinda ruined.

I turn off the phone and let it recover overnight, and bygod that sucker DOES recover completely. Characters come back to the keyboard, even with the ability to switch out. Phone no longer sounds gargly.

A week ago I would have given this phone a D+ for being kinda clever but disconnecting calls ALL THE DAMN TIME. Today I bump it up to B- for being toilet-proof with miracle healing powers.


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