chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Clown Car


A few days ago I was in my car waiting at the light when I noticed a car going thru the intersection was being driven by a nun. This was a nun in a full old-fashioned black & white habit covering all but her fingers and face.

Perhaps this is a normal sight for you, but I didn't grow up seeing nuns EVER, much less driving a damn car. Until recently I had only seen one in college -- there was one nun in my art class, and she was all modern with a 3/4 skirt and half-sleeves, no headdress. Not as impressive or official. A semi-nun, I say...

So I was impressed with this rare nun whizzing thru the intersection
...until I noticed there was a full-on clown in the passenger seat. And then I realized Halloween was the next day. I'm a sucker.


Speaking of clowns (which I hate), lots of stuff going wrong lately, and I feel like I'm witnessing a clown car gag. Just when there doesn't seem to be ROOM for one more inconvenience, another ass-clown steps out of the car and onto my back with his big stupid clown shoes.

Surprise! More unfunny clowns. Hooray.

But do you know what IS funny? This:


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