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It seems like I could get sick of it, but I don't --- EVERY single morning I have an egg, toast with jam, and milk/coffee. No, I won't call the jam "jelly," 'cause I try to use something actually made out of fruit, whereas "jelly" is a creepy Jell-o substance. And no, I won't call the milk/coffee a "latte" because it's not like I've prepared something so complicated that it needs another name -- I've just poured milk in my coffee.

The only thing I'll shake up is changing the type of jam, and this week I tried boysenberry for the first time. Tastes good, but I keep almost breaking my teeth off on the seeds. Boysenberry joins cherries and pomegranates in the club of being lovely but with baggage.

I'm going on about my breakfast because I'm just so happy to have it every morning. I'm not only lucky to have breakfast every day, but surely I'll eat again that same day. Double lucky. Who really knows when these things will change, and I'll spend days hungry and dream about my toast and boysenberries, even the seeds.

If you really wanna shake things up, serve breakfast directly on the grass. I haven't tried this yet.

Breakfast is very exciting when I put it on the table in front of me every morning (while watching Sabrina* the Teenage Witch, of course) and think, "Look! I have food again today!" And love every bite.

*previously spelled "Subrina," but someone took the time to write just to correct my spelling.

Go ahead and pretend to be above watching "Sabrina." You're secretly just jealous that you don't have this awesome talking cat.

Try this breakfast celebration. Only expect people to laugh at you for watching Sabrina. A punch to the neck seems to stop the laughter pretty quickly, though.


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