chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,


Out walking this morning and feeling discouraged about the litter I was finding. There's a trash can in front of every other driveway, so I can't imagine the problem. Oh, but I'll try.

Let's say this person was walking down the street drinking a bottle of gin last night, and he suddenly found himself too hammered to take two more steps to throw that bottle in that bin, although he had every intention.

Another person dropped his water bottle as he was abducted by aliens mere inches from that recycling bin. He's hoping I'll fingerprint the bottle and notify the police, but I think I'm just gonna throw it away...Sorry.

Oh, and this person might have spontaneously combusted, as he's left behind the newspaper, his shoes, t-shirt, and part of a hamburger. My dogs investigate the area and determine the meat must be confiscated for evidence, and I have to leap to stop them from disturbing the crime scene.

The good news is that I spotted a crow under a tree with a bag of Fritos. He turned the bag around, stepped on one end, and picked open the other end with his beak. He was delicately taking out Fritos one by one, and I was wishing I had my camera. But who needs a camera when I can find an image on Google of someone else's crow/chip experience?

[I have a great picture of a crow eating a bag of chips to insert here, but there is something wrong with my computer right now. I'm no expert, but I think I have a "computersareunreliablepiecesofshit" virus. Stay tuned for no more pictures accompanying this worthless journal, and possibly my whole website disappearing soon.]

The crow assured me he would be throwing the bag away when he was done. But crows are notorious liars, so there's a good chance that Frito bag will still be there in the morning...Well,  unless a badger comes along before then. Although owls are usually credited, badgers are really the advocates behind the old "Give a hoot, don't pollute" campaign.


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