chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Wintery Thingamajig


A clothes store was selling these little crocheted thingies with flowers on them. They were thick and wintery-colored, looked like scarves that were only about a foot long. A button on one end and a button-hole on the other end. I kept coming back to them because they were cute and looked home-made, but wondered if they went over the head/ears and fastened under the chin, or if they were like a neckwarmer...or a headband...or part of a hat...

Eventually I had to ask the chick working there, and she said, "I have no idea what those are for."

"Think they go over your head?" I asked, trying this, but it wouldn't fit. I tried around my neck, and that fit, but it seemed kinda snug and silly.

This is not me. This is not the actual neck thingy either.

"How did you know to put them by the hats if you don't know how to wear them?" I asked.

"I put some by the bras too," she said, shaking her head. She was not even remotely curious.

"Whatever this is, it's for winter, wouldn't you say?" I asked, holding up the thick scarf thingy.

"Yeah, definitely."

"It doesn't ever get cold enough in this town to warrant a gadget like this, huh?"


"So someone ordered, unpacked, priced and displayed some thingy that can't be identified or worn in the local weather," I confirmed, "That's fantastic! I almost want to wear one now just to wait for someone to point out it's on the wrong part of my body."

"You should," she said, "They are only $9. I'm sure that's a good deal for whatever it is."


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