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If you use Gmail you'll notice that over to the right Google hooks you up with all kinds of links it finds based on searching for key words in the body of your email. I find it rather rude and intrusive.

I mean, doesn't the omnipresent eye of the Google engine have something better to do than search my email? Don't I spend enough time with Google, searching for sites, images, and information on purpose? Apparently not.

Google is watching you...

One sentence out of my entire email:  "...Boy, he's about an inch from having my foot broken off in his ass..."

Google Engine locks onto key words:  Foot, inch, ass

Google site suggestions: - Lose weight now!  - Miracle podiatrist. Learn to love your feet again. - Have inchworms delivered directly to your door!

You can see how these links could be very helpful. Okay, maybe that last one...

Anyway, tonight my friend sent me an email about some board games. As I was reading it I noticed the Google results over to the right, and somehow the search had locked onto the word "cornholes," although neither "corn" nor "holes" appeared in the email. In fact, I've never used the word and could only guess what it meant...

8 Cornholes for $12!!
Best cornholes at
Custom Cornhole Boards

Naturally I then Googled "cornhole" and found that cornhole bags are for the game of Cornhole, which is apparently as American as apple pie, yet escaped my ears/eyes for my whole life. And probably for the best. I don't think I'm mature enough for a game with that name --- I can't see myself being able to ask someone at a party, "Hey, wanna play Cornhole?" 

But if you can take it seriously, there's money to be made. Just ask the aforementioned Cornhole Brothers. Someone has to be at the forefront of cornhole marketing, and who better than two brothers with a really handy last name and/or a passion for Cornholing?

Google says:

These links are produced automatically for your convenience. No humans read the content of your email in order to generate these links and none of them are sponsored by advertisers. We hope you'll find them relevant and useful!

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