chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Bags and Stuff


Until I got Angus and Acorn and began to take them for walks, I had no idea that dogs could save their poo for specific times/locations, which is disgusting and amazing. No matter what time of day I take them out, one or both has an offering, even if I just saw them poo in our own yard a moment ago. Even more disgusting and amazing is the fact that Acorn does this twice on a ten minute walk.

Most amazing is the TRIPLE she pulled the other day on a very very short walk. She did it right in front of a fellow cleaning his car, and he laughed as he heard me exclaim, "Wow! Really, Acorn?...Geez."

He said, "When they gotta go, they gotta go."  And I said, no, this is her third time in four blocks. And then he agreed, "Wow."

Like a good citizen I pick up the poo with those little biodegradable bags. I just discovered recently that the bags smell like poo BEFORE you even use them.

So the other day when I bought new bags I decided to get "wildflower scented" ones. Let me assure you they also smell like poo. It's not even slightly masked by wildflowers -- there is no flower smell AT ALL. Scent Manager at the poo bag factory might should consider a new career.

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