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It's too bad something lovely like The Wizard of Oz can't be protected from the king of repetitively gruesome toys, Todd McFarlane. Here's his take on Dorothy/Munchkin, Scarecrow,

Not only does he get to trash Baum's characters, he can profit from it as well. Ugh.

Too bad. Imagine if Wizard of Oz were your own legacy for this world, and eventually anyone is allowed to turn it into something sooooo far removed from your idea that you would probably vomit if you saw it.

Someone's gonna tell me, "Oh, but Mcfarlane is a huge Wizard of Oz fan! This is his tribute to him."  So let me go ahead and say, "If you were really a fan you wouldn't do this to him."  Just like Sci-Fi channel would owe Baum a huge apology if he were alive to see the attrociou
s Oz mini-series they did.  They owe ME an apology for exposing me to it...Ok, but I laughed a lot. Too bad it wasn't supposed to be funny...

It's funny to come across these figures today because last night I was reading Pinocchio and thinking how fun it would be to illustrate it. I was thinking about the author and how I couldn't dare try it without being true to the actual text. Can still use your imagination without rewriting someone else's golden idea.


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