chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Penny Eyes


A long time ago I saw a movie where a cowboy died and someone then put coins over his eyes. Don't know if this is to hold the eyelids closed or a gesture to pay for a soda in the afterlife, but I want coins on my eyes when I die. No services or a fancy box to sleep in --- just respect my lifelong wish to have coins on my eyes, and then throw me in a hole.

My uncle died recently, and I can't make myself call my aunt. Or my cousin. I really really should. I really want to. I just won't. I've become so anti-social sometimes I can't make myself even complete a phone call for a birthday or to say hello, so how do I make a call that matters a lot more? 

I sent a card, but that's lame. People are gonna think I don't care, when really I've just gone nuts.

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