chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Random Pictures


I once fought Darth Vader. But he had been turned into a snowman, so he didn't really fight back.

Angus used to be afraid of a particular laundry basket. Couldn't even approach it for his favorite toy.

My cousin had a cat that looked like a Jack-o-Lantern.

My wedding dress was 60 years old, and I bought it without trying it on. All the extra material bunched up around my boobs and waist, making me look really saggy... I had no access to a full-length mirror, so the horror of this ill-fitting dress was only revealed to me as wedding day photos began to appear, which can haunt me forever.

I love kids. I'm fascinated with kids and their toys, fears, thoughts, hopes, etc., but I didn't like being a kid, and I don't want kids of my own. I wouldn't want them to turn out like me.

My mom used to be a cop. Here she is busting someone.

Acorn had dreams of being a surgeon (or a Sith Lord) until her eyes began to fail her.

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