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Poor Acorn the dog had cataract surgery more than a year ago, and her eye has just never gotten better. 

It's been weird and stressful the last couple weeks to have several doctors crowd into the room on three separate specialist visits to discuss all of her problems, ten different medications and several surgeries as though I had endless amounts of money. No, the original cataract surgery was so ridiculously expensive that these new surgeries were wandering into crazyland. Eyesight is priceless, of course, and I'm nuts about this dog, but I knew at some point I'd have to say, "no, just take out the eye."

It would have been an easy choice if her other eye was good, but it has a rapidly forming cataract as well. Eventually that eye will require surgery, and it could possibly decline like the first one. She's such a crazy active dog that I can't stand to think of her not being able to see one day.

But in the end I didn't have to choose because her eye quickly went downhill this week (partially thanks to some pretty stupid advice from a late-night pet hospital), and ultimately the retina detached. Since the eye was now blind and painful, there was nothing left to "save," so the doctor suggested removing the eye entirely.

One afternoon I picked up my pal with her new pirate face. She seems to be handling it just fine, better than me. Her biggest issue right now is wearing the evil e-collar for two weeks.

Aaron sings "My One-Eyed Girl" to her, and I've been calling her Eyecorn. Making jokes about it, along with seeing her wiggling her happy butt up and down the street for her first one-eyed walk, has made it all okay for now.

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