chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Goodbye to My Best Camera #2


I'd owned my camera a really long time, so when it finally shut down a couple years ago, I was too in love with it to get an entirely different camera.  I replaced it with an identical used camera, eventually erasing from my head that it wasn't even the original camera.

Last weekend I stuck it in Aaron's shirt pocket to keep it dry while we were walking around ankle-deep in the ocean. He hopped over a tiny wave, and I saw the camera fly straight up in and into the water. That's that.

Don't know how to replace it. Seems like someone's camera is always breaking or mysteriously dying no matter the brand or cost, while my old one survived many many bumps and drops. I know I'm going to get a new one, and it will fall apart in two months. Everything seems to be disposable these days.

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