chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Alice Again


I just heard that Tim Burton is remaking Alice In Wonderland. Ever since he wiped his butt with "Planet of the Apes" and "Willie Wonka" I haven't been all that excited about anything he's doing. I'm not really against him either. I'm


Just saw this picture of Depp (of course) playing the Mad Hatter:

And I want to say congratulations to Burton for creating the most disgusting and uninteresting Mad Hatter of all time. Makes me think of Elijah Wood as a zombie...or 1980's vomit...or Ronald Mcdonald.

And OF COURSE Helena Bonham Carter will be the Queen of Hearts. That'll be something new---her playing a crazy woman. I like her and Depp, but they don't have to play every eccentric character, do they? Are there no other actors in the world?

No make up required. Just slap a hat on him.

After all, there's Carrot Top. 

Yes, I might have been happier to hear Carrot Top would be the Mad Hatter. I would have said, "Man, I didn't see that coming. Tim Burton's got some crazy shit up his sleeve this time!"

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