chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

On Ebay today...


I buy a lot of things on Ebay.  For one thing it's a form a recycling, as I'm getting perfectly good used things, but also I just love old things. I do more looking than buying, which can be like visiting a museum of oddities.

Occasionally I come across some really dumb descriptions or pictures. Or lack of pictures. Like someone's gonna buy a $17,000 car or a $2000 ring on Ebay with no pictures provided. Really.

Here is something I came across today:


This child's purse for the girl who loves Bear's.
This all leather purse is a great gift.

One of a kind.
Made by an Arkansas prisoner.

That's right, if there's anything a prisoner should be making, it's products for children. Makes me start having stupid thoughts like, well, maybe it's a grandmotherly prisoner, and that's okay. Maybe it's a harmless fellow like my cousin who only stole a jar of cheese...

But I can't know the level of convict we're talking about here without asking some questions, and does anyone really want this purse badly enough to ask? You don't want it. I saw it.

And then I was looking at vintage curtains, which you would think could be hung up or spread across the table for a photo...

But not when it's so much cooler to find something lumpy in the yard to drape them across, creating a couple of curtain ghosts.  And by all means then take the picture from as far away as possible so that no one can really tell anything about the curtains at all, except that they can haunt your yard.


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