chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Caught in a Loop


The remakes of everything I grew up with are starting to make me feel kinda crazy.

I had fun watching the new Star Trek movie, but at the very same time it made me a little sad---don't know why. There are so many remakes or movie versions of old things coming up that I can pretty much look up anything I used to like, and I'll find that someone is planning to retell it. Coming soon are Greatest American Hero, Logan's Run, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, and Alias Smith and Jones to name a few.

I know, I know...I just shouldn't go see them.

But this is on top of teen and twenty-somethings wearing all the 70's and 80's stuff. 70's clothes/hair are fun to see again, but I never hoped to see 80's clothes again. Ah well.

Ok, I'm not going to be grumpy and say that I don't want anyone touching stuff from my childhood/teen years, but there's just too much of it at once lately. There isn't a lot to look back on fondly if it's reborn in my face all the time.

Probably the added insult is that I've heard younger people so many times lately express disgust with women my age (40's).  Eww, there were old ladies, moms,  jumping up and down about that actor. Eww, there were nothing but old ladies at the bar. Eww, there were gross forty-something ladies wearing tube tops and hoping to be sexy! 

I'd like to tell them, hey, good luck with not getting older.

Maybe that's why someone's hoping to remake Logan's Run, which had a premise of killing everyone as they reach the age of 30. In the original movie it was for overpopulation, but the remake will probably show culling used just to weed out the disgusting old people.

Time's almost up!  


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