chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Reborn Meat


The other day at the grocery store I saw a package of chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs. Chicket nuggets are creepy enough without taking a specific shape, and then multiply creepy 10 more times when they become another animal.

Extinct one day, chicken another....

This reminds me. One day I was driving by a McDonald's and they had a sign out front that said:

Live it.
Love it.
Chicken McNuggets.

I think McDonald's is trying to tell us chicken McNuggets are a part of the meaning of life. And maybe they are. That a living creature becomes pureed, molded, battered and cooked into something unrecognizable, served in a cartoon-covered sack seems crazy, like most things in life.

One kid across the world would be happy for a bowl of rice to eat, and an American kid is eating a factory-created chicken substance stamped into the shape of a dinosaur. He's dipping in it ketchup. Or maybe he's not even eating it---he's refusing it and asking for something else to eat because he's bored with dinosaur nuggets.

Maybe when this begins to make sense, 50 other things begin to make sense, and life make sense. And then you can live it, love it, dip it in ketchup...etc.

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