chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Bunny Bags


I tend to drag around a "purse" (mine is more of a lumpy cotton sack)  until it comes apart at the seams, and in this case the buttons also couldn't be sewn on one more time. The new one is black and vinyl, not really my thing, but it looks like my Lil Girl, and I miss her.

I also like that this company puts their purses/bags over the faces of models to advertise them:

They make cool shark backpacks, which look just as good on your head as on your back:

They also include this great message in ads for the rabbit purse:

"Rabbits are intelligent, social animals which require mental stimulation and enjoy activities in the natural environment. Don’t just treat them as pets not having a mind and soul. We create this bag with the aim of raising public awareness to become responsible owners, communicating and caring their pets with a kind heart."

Their shop on Ebay is called "KoolGears." 

p.s. I was not paid to endorse them here. I didn't even get fifty cents off the purse for this.

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