chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Happy Ending


It's very woodsy around where I work. No, not woodsy. More like wilderness-ish. It's strange for there to be office buildings and a golf course, yet a hiking trail with warnings for mountain lions and rattlesnakes... 

There is a huge hill behind the studio, and it has a path cutting around it. A few days ago Aaron and I left work at the same time to run errands, each in our own cars. Aaron pulled up alongside me and said he had just seen a man up on the path running with something in his arms---thought maybe it was a kid. Seemed like something was wrong, so he was going to try to catch up with the man.

I tried to follow but immediately lost Aaron, and each time I stopped my car to shout at the man on the path he'd disappear behind another building. He was FAST.

At the end of the road I ran into Aaron coming from another direction. He had pulled up where he thought the path ended, and he found the man running down the hill to flag a car. Aaron had told him to get in.  The man was actually carrying his dog all this time, and it had been bitten on the nose by a 5-foot rattlesnake.

I told them I'd seen an animal hospital down the road, so they followed me to it and ran inside. The man and his dog were taken back immediately, and the receptionist told us they had anti-venom.

Boy, we fretted about the dog that night. Aaron had left his phone number for the man to tell us how things turned out, and when we got no call we assumed the news was bad. We are so butt-nuts about our own dogs that we were devastated for the guy.

But the man's wife called the next day and said the dog was going to be fine, and they'd be picking him up from the hospital soon. She later sent this phone pic of the dog. He's very swollen in the face, but doing well:

This picture is sad because obviously the dog (and owners) went through a lot of pain. But it makes me happy to look at it because the dog survived. It's so great that everything worked out.

And hooray for Aaron chasing after the guy to help. 


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