chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,


"It's a Sunshine Day" video by the Brady Bunch.

I could watch this 1000 times. I don't know why---well, maybe because it's the happiest damn thing I've ever seen, and perhaps because when I was a kid I was vicariously happy through thru this ridiculously happy tv family. The song has been in my head all week after it was mentioned at Cheryl's birthday party.

What made me laugh tonight is this particular post that shows up below the video on, in response to all the folks saying the kids can't sing:

f/u hatrs - bobby nails the bridge. marcia is totally hot and peter's outfit looks like a chicken embryo."

Bobby: "Can't you dig the sunshine?"

Me: "Yeah, Bobby, I dig the sunshine. But it's a relentless 105 degrees here in Dallas, Texas, and we're dying."
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