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Some information used to be a given...


A few days ago the husband said, "Hey, we can go to Disneyland for your birthday." 
I said, "Haha...yeah."  And then he walked off.

I sat there thinking about something else for a few minutes before all of the sudden I realized he had made a serious suggestion, as we actually do now live close to Disneyland. I keep forgetting where I am on a regular basis, btw.

"It's a Small World" ride could be gone these days for all I know.

I don't care a lot about theme parks, but the original Disneyland would be like visiting a museum of childhood. I only went once as a kid after a long trek from Oklahoma in a van, but sparkling images of the park are frozen in my head forever, like I walked on another planet for a day.

Matterhorn ride scared the crap out of me as a kid. This was my first big ride, and this is when I realized that you should ask some questions before following adults into tiny cars going up a mountain. I had no idea what was in store for me.

Anyways... (yeah, the 2nd half of my journal entries always begin with 'anyways'...)  I was reading the park hours online, and I came across the rules about what can be brought into the park. Here are a few:

  • Weapons of any kind (including guns; knives; billy clubs; brass knuckles; and nunchucks, stars and other martial arts equipment)
  • Self-defense equipment (pepper spray, mace, stun guns)
  • Restraining devices (e.g., handcuffs, zip ties) or any suspicious items (e.g., box cutters, razor blades, duct tape, wire)
  • Items that may be disruptive (e.g. laser pointer, slingshot, stink bomb, air horns)
  • Cremated remains (e.g., urn, vase, box)
  • Miscellaneous other items (tools, fire extinguishers, musical instruments, megaphones, pots and pans)

I'm glad I read these rules before heading to the park, as NOW I know not to bring my pots and pans. Dammit, I was hoping to cook up some soup right in front of the castle.

I had also hoped to bring nunchucks to play around with while waiting in lines, and I like to throw ninja stars at people from the teacups.  Oh well.

The really upsetting revelation here is that I can't bring along any cremated remains. The world is becoming so darn uptight. Remember the old days when theme parks and urns went pretty much hand in hand?

"Somebody frisk that kid for ninja stars!"


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