chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

I'll be there


This is beautiful:

His life has become such a circus that sometimes I forget the owner of this voice is still out there.


I haven't been able to post anything here lately because I can't pull my thoughts together after the big move. I mean, I can't focus on one thing. I can say that I miss my old house. I wish I could call it up on the phone to say hi, buy it a plane ticket to visit me, write it letters...

A lot of people have said, eh, home is wherever you take your stuff next.  Or that trying to stay in one house very long is a trap for yourself, holds you back, etc.  Nonsense. Who is to say I can't see the whole world and always return to that one spot afterward.  I really liked being in one spot for once in my damn life.

On a separate note... After digging up this picture I can safely say that I should never watercolor again.  I should probably not even be allowed to draw. Gadzooks.

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