chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Outsider Observations


Ok, if you've seen these particular trees a million times, therefore you find yourself a big ho-hum about them,  just be quiet for a moment.

I really like them. They look like old wizards or claws or wrinkled paper. Standing together they are kinda creepy, shaking their bony arms up at the sky.

I followed a map toward what I thought would be the beach yesterday and found that the road actually ended at a bluff, which is what the white trees were guarding. This is the view:

I drove up to it at sunset, and there's a big fence around the edge, of course. But I like to think about heading towards it by foot, in the dark, following my map with a flashlight and stepping right off the edge. Surprise!  I'm sure it happened all the time before they added that fence. Oh, the old days when you could tell someone you didn't like, "Hey, I hear there are bags of money hidden behind those bushes!" and be rid of them forever.

Anyway, at this little park area I watched some kids playing for a minute and noticed a wild RABBIT was right nearby them. It was munching on some grass and ignoring them.  Then I looked down as six little rabbits hopped in a line just a couple feet from me. They scattered all over the lawn, each doing their own thing, completely ignoring the kids and even a little dog.

Fearless Rabbit Park


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