chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Western Miss-adventures


Still trying to get settled in the new state. No hubby or dogs here yet, bummer. Can't find a good place to live. Well, lots o' places, but serious parking situations everywhere and/or no yards for dogs. For any family with more than one car or the possibility of a visitor any time in the future, consider a helicopter to park on your roof.

But remember to watch for sharks when coming in for your landing.

I just want to point out a couple things to people leasing houses/apts. Answer your freaking phone. Return emails.  Oh, act like you care if you lease a place today. I don't know, maybe people are placing ads just for fun, but I can't imagine the type of fun to be had there.

Another thing...Think seriously about including some information with your ad. I really saw one today that had this description:

2 bed house:
New paint. New curtain.

Good luck with that one, Ad-Genius. Oh, but for the person desiring a 2 bedroom house of mystery square footage in a secret location with a single new curtain hanging in one window---you are very much in luck today!


On an unrelated note, here is my niece's dog wearing a dress:


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