chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Here and There


Made it to my supposed new state of residence a few days ago. It was a pretty drive out here. My mom had to stop and examine a cactus or two. She thinks she is some sort of nature detective.

We took a detour from the highway to check out the Barringer Crater, which is also known as the "Meteor Crater,"  as apparently someone has no imagination.

Unfortunately we missed the sign that said this big hole was closed for the evening (craters need their rest), so we saw nothing other than this image we Googled later that night.

Actually, we felt like the short drive along this winding road to the crater at sunset was the prettiest place between Texas and California.

I find the army of wind turbines in California frightening. This awkward picture I took from the car does not do these monsters justice.


Oversized things are creepy/cool, and here are these great white robots all across the landscape, perched on hills and around the corner---everywhere. I kept imagining if they were all to turn and walk toward the highway.

I am semi-settled here this week, and it's very strange to know the ocean is looming nearby.
When I go to bed I lie awake for a bit and think about this massive thing a few blocks away. Having grown up in Oklahoma the ocean is a very alien terrain, and I don't trust it to be real---I think someone puts it away at night and brings it back out for tourists in the mornings.

Oceans:  A lie!

Anyway, how weird to wake up here every day when just a few weeks ago I was in my own bed in Texas with no plans to be here. Still not sure what to think about all of this.

Visiting my mom in small town California jail last week. I can't take her anywhere.


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