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Delightful 80's Images


Whilst packing and sorting this week I came across a handful of pictures I haven't seen almost since they were taken in the 80's.

The back of this pictures says, "Welcome to Oklahoma, 1985."  I remember pulling over to take a picture of the sunset in this field and finding a magical message on the tractor to include:


This would also probably be 1985. On the weekend I was riding around with friends in a big yellow cadillac. I had somehow been left with someone's giant cup o' soda, and after climbing into the backseat I decided to reach out and set the cup on the ground rather than carrying it around anymore. This was (I swear) one of the only times (and definitely the last) I ever littered in my life. The guy in the front seat didn't see me reach out, so he went ahead and slammed the door shut on my wrist. Crunch.

It didn't even hurt, which naturally lead me to believe I was a superhero, so I went on with my evening, doing really stupid teenager things like waving the flag for a car race out in the country. Late that night I had a hard time brushing my teeth with that hand, so I did have to tell my mom. Next day doctor said the wrist was broken.

This picture is in front of a little garden I grew on the side of the house. I'm wearing a fancy thrift store ensemble.


I have always loved
cartoons, but there are some supposedly cute ones I could never accept when they came out, and I still despise them. First on the list: Smurfs. Next would be Care Bears.

Summer before college I worked at Pizza Hut. One day a giant box arrived with hats/balloons, place-mats/napkins---all kinds of crap with Care Bears on it. So Pizza Hut had adopted the damn Care Bear theme for the summer, thanks.

The other waitresses thought this guy was soooo dreamy that they made sure he posed with me.

One Saturday we hung up even more Care Bear crap and had an all-day kid thing with toys and balloons. Another giant box arrived, and this one contained a Care Bear costume. Hey, who is small enough to fit in this stupid thing?  Everyone looks around. Deanna is!  I had to be a Care Bear all damn day, posing with kids in photos.

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