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I don't usually mention it, 'cause I don't like to write about work, but I'm an animator, and local work is a little sparse sometimes here in Texas. I've been off quite a bit lately, and last week I got a call back to work soon. I was relieved, but at the same time I was thinking something might have to change soon. Do I change careers? Move to a place with more work? Lots of questions, but no decision-making. 

I like having complete control over what happens to me next, and of course that means always trying to have some kind of plan. I don't like it when I see people leave their fate in the wind, just waiting to see what happens next, but I actually did that the last couple months. I waited for something to present itself. I shouldn't be rewarded for complacency, but something did present itself.

Same day I was called back to work I happened to talk online to old co-workers in California, and they said, hey, come out here...

Not that I'm in the ideal location on this planet, but I'm ridiculously attached to my house, I love my neighbors, and I like having family nearby, so any other day I would have said NO.  But for some reason that day I was uncharacteristically
*  whatever-ish, and I said something like, "Hmmmm..."   We got on a plane the next day and checked out the area and the studio.  A few days later we're home and it's a done deal.

If you are going to make a crazy spontaneous decision, it helps if it revolves around a place that looks like this. Actually, this gull on the pier told me to do it.

My favorite movies/books/paintings create several completely different and sometimes conflicting feelings at once. This decision to move has done just that. I drive out to California in a week, and I am simultaneously eager-hesitant-excited-mortified-happy-sad-curious-relieved-stressed...And that's terrible-greatness.

*This might be the longest word I've ever typed.

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