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***Aaron says I'm not allowed to gripe about this because it's old news, but he is not the boss of me***

Haven't posted in a while, even though I started to several times. I think the problem here is that I was left temporarily speechless after watching the Jonas Brothers perform with Stevie Wonder at the Grammy's.

If you are older like me and don't usually watch the Grammy's because you haven't known who was up for an award since 1986, you might not know who the Jonas Brothers are...and even if you DO know who they are, you probably think I'm kidding when I say they performed with Stevie Wonder. Oh, but I'm not.

Poor Stevie thought he'd be singing with the Muppets that night.

I don't wanna be an old lady and poke fun of a little boy band that makes little girls very happy, but I can't help it this one time. Don't expect me not to laugh when you pair these guys up with a real musician and they go waaaaay over the top trying to be so darn funky and smooth alongside him. They looked like total jackasses.

I think the Chelsea Handler summed up this atrocity really well when she said that if Stevie Wonder were to suddenly regain his sight in the middle of this performance and actually see the douche-bags onstage with him he would have then poked out his own eyes.  


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