chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,



I have lots of constructive plans and ideas for my time off, but usually I question everything I'm doing until I do nothing at all.

People hire personal trainers to help them exercise and count calories. Man, I'd rather outgrow all my pants than rent an adult Phys Ed teacher to boss me around. As a kid it was a personal goal of mine to NEVER again be told when to run or jump. And part of the joy of being an adult is eating 200 gumballs in one afternoon if I feel like it, even if I feel very sorry for it later.

However, if I could afford to have someone follow me around all day saying, "Get back over there and draw or write or do SOMETHING, you lazy jackass!" ... well, that might be totally worth it.

The trainer would have to be prepared to actually chase me down and physically move me to a chair, though, 'cause I'm not going down without a fight.

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