chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Bubblegum disappointment


I love bubblegum. Regular pink sugary bubblegum, the smell and taste. 

I can't believe it's getting hard to find, as the gum shelf at the store is 90% sugar-free in 1000 varieties.**  What little bubblegum offered is blue or green or SUPERSOUR-MEGA-EXTREME COTTONCANDY EXPLOSION, coiled up in a big plastic case, glows in the dark, chews itself, etc. 

No. I don't want blue or green teeth, and I don't need any special effects.

I did locate some plain old bubblegum the other day:

And I was very angry to find this smaller piece inside:

Which looks like this when you turn it to the side:

Maybe this brand of gum has always had ridges in it and I've forgotten, but I KNOW FOR SURE THE RIDGES WEREN'T THIS DEEP.  The piece is already smaller, and now they've cut "decorative" ridges so deeply into it that they've managed to shave away EVEN MORE gum. And do you know how much it hurts to chew that shape?

Come on, this is bubblegum, one of the cheapest items on the planet to produce, so someone has gotten very very greedy. Perhaps the Double Bubble CEO will be writing me to explain some financial hardship, but until then I'm disgusted.

At this rate within a couple years the wrapper will only contain the scent of bubblegum, and maybe a picture of what it used to look like.


I ended up using my own pictures in this post, but I now know that if you Google for images of "double bubble" it brings up lots of boobies and bongs. I'm always surprised...

**All the plastic and decked-out glittery oversized packaging on the mints and sugar free gum is WAY out the control, btw, trying to justify charging double the price before it all ends up in a landfill, but that's another story. I'm also hearing my precious bubblegum is not really biodegradable, and that my cud-chewing is a freaking problem for this poor planet, but that's also another story.

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