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Pictures and schtuff...


I've really felt like drawing recently, and since I can't seem to finish a single story to illustrate, I just thought of a word (guilt) and then drew what came to mind...

I don't know about you, but when I've done something wrong I just hate those little demon thingies that show up and burn holes in you with their damning eyes.

And then "Guilt" made me think of a near opposite, which is being happily unaware of all problems.  That's bliss:

And then because I'd started a whole feelings theme, I did "Lonely" too:

But I actually already had a similar sketch for a story about a kid in giant house full of rooms that don't agree with him. Maybe I'll finish that story next.  A nice fellow wrote me today and said, hey, why can't you just do stories that are for children? I don't know. Some people can't color in the lines, and I guess I can't write without being too wordy or somewhat inappropriate. It's not even on purpose.

Anyways, I just added prints of these new pictures and some others to my site's previously books-only store 'cause occasionally people ask if they can buy a print, and I have not been responsible enough to accommodate them until now.

Here is my new shop, and by no means a plug for anyone to go buy anything there:

It was just such a huge pain for me to assemble this storefront that I want to acknowledge where all my time and aforementioned new enthusiasm for drawing disappeared to the last few days. Anyone else could have created this in an hour, whereas I see the words "insert html," and my soul withers like when I'd slide into my desk for high school algebra class.


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