chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Happy New Year

You know, now you can write 2009 on forms and checks, and all the other excitement a year change entails...

New Year's Eve is always such a non-event, and each year I say maybe I'll do something that night to make midnight matter. Oh, like shoot a cannon to top my gun-happy neighbors...

Once again I banged a spoon in a pot at midnight, just like I did as a kid, but I swear if a cannon had been handy, I would have made good on my word.


A few days ago I was cutting up some cardboard on my deck while getting blasted by a cold wind. My fingers were frozen, rendering them stupid and useless, and now my wonderful box knife-defying metal ruler has fallen between the slats of the deck.

The deck has lattice nailed all the way around it, so I can't reach the ruler, and this morning I've thought about stupid methods of retrieval. One idea is to pour gravy on the ruler through the slats, which might actually make Acorn to drag it out for me. Probably not.


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