chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Before the days of parental discretion...


I hate to think the things we watch on tv as kids might influence what we're like as adults, but I'm afraid it's true.

I was afraid of old dolls like this one in "Night Gallery:"

And this horror from "Trilogy of Terror:"

And I grew up to make creepy dolls like this:

Anything I was afraid of back then became something I'm now fascinated with as an adult.

Like "Night of the Lepus," a ridiculous movie about giant man-eating rabbits:

...might have influenced my adult nightmares about being pursued by an upright, man-sized rabbit.

Then again I love rabbits, and I've had three as pets.

Speaking of "Night Gallery," we've been watching episodes lately, and  I'd love to own one of the horrific paintings that were in the show's opening, but apparently they are hard to get.

Rod Serling talks about a painting before each episode, and my favorite comment so far is about this really normal still-life:

He said, "Look at it, if you will, with gentle, restrained eyes...the way you would look at a maniac in the woods."



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