chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Phone Pictures & Unicorn Chasers


Every once in a while I remember to take a few pictures off of my phone instead of deleting them. Man, I had a great one posing with a spider monkey, but technology thwarted me on that one, and it was not saved...

Anyways, I was on my way home from work a couple weeks ago thru downtown when this first snow came out of nowhere. Pictures look like rain, but there were actually giant snowflakes. A lovely lovely night.

This is actually from Aaron's phone, sent to mine. His pictures look good. Lazy day for sweet Acorn.

And these two were taken at the Galleria Mall last month in Dallas. Here you can see four levels of girls packed at the railing to scream at Robert Pattinson, star of "Twilight," who did an autograph signing in a shop there just before this. He's standing at the bottom by the ice rink.

On this day my aunt and sister had driven my niece in from Oklahoma and waited in line at 5am for a chance to meet him for an autograph---it was very exciting to hear they got in.  I stopped by and saw this madness afterward, but I couldn't find my family in this crowd.

The next picture is Pattinson on the stage below, completely overwhelmed by the screaming. Couldn't hear a word he said. Girls had just crushed each other to see him at a mall the day before this, so becoming this famous pretty much overnight must be surreal. He looked dazed.

I didn't take any video, but found some on youtube that looks like it was taken where I was standing. The screaming is INSANE and shook the building.

The day before all of this, I sat with the girls at a table while they speculated about their excitement. My sister summed it up as sort of "like spotting a unicorn."  Ha. And now they call themselves unicorn chasers. What a fun weekend they had.


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