chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,



My friend Susan has a new puppy named Pudge, and here he is tasting snow for the first time.

He's obviously a Pug mixed with some other type of dog that has jacked the Pugness to unbearable cuteness levels.

Pudge's picture was taken in Maine where they get snow regularly in the winter. That's not what we do here in Dallas. No, see, last weekend we had a rerun of springtime, with sunny days in the 70's that caused flowers to bloom and grass to grow. Then Sunday night within an hour it dropped to like 30 and windy, followed by ice and car accidents all week. Tonight we are cold and blanketed in thick fog.

Hey, but that's okay. Tomorrow it's spring again!

I'm all for 73 degrees, but not with 27 degrees the day before and after. Retarded weather is hell on the sinuses.


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