chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Ghost Hunters


If you are a ghost these two very serious fellows will kick your ass!

Or not.

I'm very interested in the paranormal, but I must say this show is incredibly stupid. When it first aired I sat through a few episodes of these guys wandering around, jumping at little sounds, pointing out cold spots and shadows, but it became obvious that they were never really going to find anything. And they never seemed to realize they had found nothing, as there was much back-patting and discussion at the end of each show.

So a year later I tune in again and realize that THEY STILL HAVEN'T FOUND A FREAKING THING, and THE SHOW IS A HIT.

The show consists of two former plumbers and a tech-guy wandering from room to room under icky green nightvision light shouting,

"Did you HEAR that???"  

"Oh my GOD!!!"

"What is that?"

"I have a bad feeling."

"It's cold over here!"

"I think I see something!"

No, I didn't feel that. I didn't hear that. I'm not cold. This is as exciting and satisfying as having someone describe their food as they eat it.

Mr. Ghost Hunters, I feel silly watching you guys flipping out about such vague noises and blips on your radar, and you won't fool me again. You offer me NOTHING. If I ran this show I'd at least have a guy in a mask jump out from behind a dark corner at some point and make everyone wet their pants.

The hit sci-fi show about guys with a bunch of equipment freaking out about nothing in scary buildings around the globe.

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