chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Inboxes and Italics


Wow. Tonight I noticed an "inbox" on my Livejournal homepage. I didn't know it was there, so naturally I've never looked inside it, and there are a 1000 messages in it. Well, most of those are just responses to my journal entries, which I've read (they are forwarded to my email), but there were also personal messages---some messages are a year old!

So if you ever wrote me through my journal, I want you to know I wasn't ignoring you. Sorry. You can't check your mail if you don't know you have a mailbox.

I have a mailbox...?

That reminds me... I spent my first year in this journal mentally cursing and griping that I couldn't change my font size or use italics or change colors, etc.  I thought, damn, this site provides a place to put words, and that's about it, so how cheap is it to not allow me some freaking variation? That's like a paper store carrying only one color of paper.

So for a year I expressed anger and emphasized everything with all-caps, WHICH OF COURSE LOOKS LIKE I'M SCREAMING AND IS REALLY OBNOXIOUS. Ah, but then one day I noticed that button up top that says "rich text," which also lead me to the same button in my 10-year-old email service the other day. That's right, 10 years of using the same email address without knowing how to bold my text. 

I feel dumb. I don't like that.

If you can't see the text on this picture, I say it's really worth your while to click for an enlargement. I like the choices she has been given.

So... I came into the journal tonight to discuss my hatred for the show GhostHunters, and I never got around to it.  I guess if you love that stupid show, you have been warned to skip my next entry.


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