chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Two Good Movies...


Rented "Son of Rambow" a few weeks ago. It's one of the best movies I saw this year.

Here's the trailer:

It's about a shy kid who makes friends with the school bully, and they decide to make their own Rambo movie with a borrowed camcorder and stolen props. I love their friendship, but what's the most wonderful here is how their imagination comes to life.

The two boys in the movie are fantastic. Neither boy had acted before this movie, so that's some amazing casting and direction.

And just saw a movie called "Let the RIght One In,"  which would seem to be a horror movie...

...but it's actually about a friendship. Maybe even a first love. Unfortunately one of the two children here is a vampire, so there is some gore.

This movie is beautiful, sweet, funny, gruesome, tragic, lovely, innocent, violent --- words that usually don't describe one movie.

I've always liked the idea of taking a monster and fitting it into a human's life somehow instead of being the villain of the story. Actually, a while before we saw the preview for "Let the Right One In"  I told Aaron I'd like to write/illustrate a little story where a vampire has been chased out of his village and knocks on a boy's window to spend a few nights hiding out. The vampire is a terribly eccentric/irritating houseguest, besides the fact that every time the boy wakes up during the night, the vampire is staring at his neck. Eventually the vampire simply has to move on, and the boy realizes he'll miss him...

Ok, well, let's leave the good vampire friendship stories to the professionals.

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