chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Getting Away

This last weekend we went to a little cabin.

There was a swell hot tub on the deck. I liked the sound of raining acorns out there.

It was the most perfect weather even though I HATE fall. All the beauty of the leaves changing, but still felt like spring. Hooray.

We just walked and walked...

(Aaron spoiling the moment with a cell phone)

Within the first hour at the cabin we encountered a big friendly white dog out front, and she was there every time we looked out the window. She followed (or guided) us on the walks each day.

Very well-fed and relaxed polar bear.

Reading the cabin's guestbook we found that every entry mentioned Mattie "a.k.a. The Big White Dog."  Apparently she lives nearby the cabin and has grown used to greeting the guests and hanging out to see what's on the grill. Ha.

Mattie waiting by the grill. Hint hint.

Acorn did NOT like Mattie...of course.

We looked around the area a bit and mostly forgot to take pictures.
We ate the local fried pies until we were somewhat regretful.

Need to go back next year.

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