chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Best Headlines

Some of my favorite headlines on today:

Disgruntled McDonald's customer runs into two other customers with her car after dispute over who was next in line. Victims reportedly not loving it.

Utah leads the nation in Google searches for "Jesus," "Second Coming" and "Panties."

America proves again it loves bad movies by spending $63 million this weekend on Will Ferrell comedy No. 6, "Save the Last Dance 2" and 9/11 cash-in.

A woman's sex drive begins to plummet once she is in a secure relationship, according to research conducted by almost every married man on planet earth.

Big-rig driver tossing money out the window and driving in circles like a nutbag endangers traffic on a New Mexico highway before being stopped by police. (I just think the word "nutbag" is funny)

Hideously disgusting stinky flower shown off in New York. It used to be the Bronx's nastiest "official flower" until J.Lo moved there. (I hate J.Lo)

While you weren't looking, the price of a horse to ride to work just got a little more affordable.

Eight ugly-ass pandas born this week in a mini panda baby boom. (this reminds me of a picture I need to post...)

Having solved all their other problems and pressing issues, the California state assembly asks Aaahnolld to sign into law the official state grape.

You know your sex ed curriculum might be out of date when out of 490 female students in your high school, 65 of them are pregnant.
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