chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Poor Galveston


I'm afraid to see what has happened to the lower half of my state today, most especially Galveston, which happens to be where my current livejournal profile pic with Acorn was taken. Before the hurricane actually even arrived yesterday the water was already over the sea wall, so it can only be worse right now.

These pictures are Gaido's restaurant, right off the ocean, and THE place to eat. I first saw this giant crab on its roof when I was a kid and was so creeped out by its size that I think it has a little bit to do with my stupid fear of over-sized things like blimps, giant statues of people, and parade floats with big heads.

I'm concerned that everyone made it out of there or at least will weather it okay, as a lot of people decided to stay put.  And I'm wondering if all of the cool old houses and businesses just off the beach survived.

Angus on the beach.

Galveston had be almost completely rebuilt after a hurricane in 1900, which is still considered the deadliest natural disaster to ever strike the U.S.   The story is fascinating and  horrific:

The good news so far is that Geraldo Rivera, one of the most annoying "reporters" on the planet, was pummeled by waves yesterday while reporting from the sea wall.

That's what you get, Geraldo, for always being somewhere you shouldn't be, yelling your stupid over-excited head off. I hope someone told you to go home afterward.

We're supposed to get a tropical storm in my area later today as Ike moves upward. I'm worried about our trees and rotting old house. The house is still suffering from the relentless and unreasonable amount of rain last year. We also lose power during any windy storm, so I'm imagining a dark wet day inside listening to the wind-up radio.

The world seems more out of control every day.

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