chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

The Letter "D"


D is for Dinosaur...

I'm ashamed to say that for all the dinasaur toys, books, and stickers my sisters and I had as kids, lately I can't remember how to spell "dinosaur"  (keep wanting to do "dinasaur"), and I can't think of most of the different types.  Used to know them all, and had the big Marx toy set with the huge plastic mountain, cavemen, palm trees and dinosaurs. Doesn't every little girl want one of those?

Speaking of that set, sometimes to this day when I step on something painful I think of how over the years those abandoned dinosaur figures were chewed on by the dog for added sharpness and left all over the house like tiny cacti foot-destroyers. Ow!---what the $#&*?!  Oh, a half-eaten triceratops, naturally.

Speaking of triceratops...

I made this fellow last week for the cover of husband's new band cd, which is called "Triceratops."  This is made out of a different clay and with more detail than I usually do, so I was scared to get this sucker started, but then suddenly most of it was there and became fun to finish out.

The album is GREAT, and I don't have to say that as a wife, 'cause I don't pretend to like any music for anyone. I don't even care enough about modern music for much of it to get in my head, but this did, and it has a moody strangeness that I can almost see while listening.

The cds aren't pressed and ready for sale yet, but will be soon. There are song samples on the band's website here: 

The song "Wild Birds" is my favorite.

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