chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Happy Birthday, GaGa!

Happy Birthday to my dad, forever known as "Ga-Ga" because my stupid older sister couldn't pronounce "Da-Da" like other babies. Yeah, and my little sister and I were dumb too and followed her example, setting it in stone. But what has my dad done, allowing it all this time? Well, that just shows what a swell fellow he is, playing along.

Here he is, Sabino "No-Middle-Name" Molinaro, my favorite GaGa in the whole world:

Sometimes people confuse him with the director, Peter Jackson:

Without beard & glasses he's Avery Shreiber, the 1970's Dorito spokesperson:

He also resembles a lovable Ewok---although my Dad is better-looking and would never accept such a silly role that mostly ruined a cool trilogy:

I wish him a great day, and I still thank him for having sex with my mom three times so that my sisters and I could be here today. Love you, Gaga!

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