chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Poor Wall-eyed Doll & Goblins


Gosh, I hate American Idol. I hate most reality shows. Well, at least American Idol doesn't show people living together, throwing up, cheating, starting fights, and saying embarrassing things. Still, I can't believe how popular it is. Ugh, I can't turn it fast enough, but news of everything Idol-related is EVERYWHERE.

The other day I read an online article about the greedy Idol folks canceling the runner-up's CHARITY concert:

"Idol producers reportedly nixed the show because they were worried about its cutting into ticket sales for the American Idols Live tour, figuring that once fans had seen David perform solo, they probably wouldn't pony up the $65.50 (plus taxes and surcharges) to watch him share the stage with nine screeching goblins."

The link is broken now, but when I clicked on "nine screeching goblins" it took me to a picture of the recent finalists with their blindingly white toothy smiles and fame-eager eyes. Awesomeness.

I will forever associate Idol with goblins now. Goblins make me laugh. I liked it when I was reading "Goblet of Fire," and Aaron kept calling it "Goblins on Fire."


Here is something new I made out of clay a couple weeks ago:

I'm afraid her face is a little too creepy for the nursery gift she was meant to be, but... well... I'm not sure I can help it anymore.

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