chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Scarecrow moments...


Aaron can be a little clumsy. Just a little bit, yet with great spectacle.

The other night he and I were in a store, and I was pulling a shirt off that low rack in the picture below. That mannequin was up on the orange shelf above it. Aaron leaned on the shelf and said, "Hey, this shelf is kinda loose."  The mannequin started wobbling. 

"Oh shit..."

He grabbed the mannequin's ankles while I held the shelf still. He was saying, "WHAT DO I DO?" 'cause if he let go she would fall. I said to take her down, but she was so heavy, and it was too awkward to lift her by the ankles. So he tried scooting her back and balancing her, but she would no longer stay up. The shelf crapped out entirely, and I started laughing so hard I couldn't hold it in place.

He pulled her forward and had to catch her waist as she came down, at which point a huge metal stand came off her feet, hit his poor thighs, and went clang clang on the hard floor----still no sales people alerted whatsover. I was kneeling on the floor, as my limbs become useless at a certain point of laughing.

Metal stand o' doom...

While he tried to get a new grip on her to set her down, the skirt was all in his face, maybe even over his head. I decided not to look for a few seconds so that I could compose myself, but when I looked up again he was trying to prop her up in that corner there and her arms were coming off. He kept saying, "Stop laughing and help me!"  But he was holding her arm and trying to screw it on with a stupid look on his face, so there was just no way...

He finally got her to stay upright and was looking around, "Let's get out of here!"

I went to the register in tears and realized I had the wrong size of shirt. He said, "Where is the shirt?? Let me get it so we can GO."   I said it was by the mannequin. He said, "Oh, nooo. There's no way I'm going back over there with her."

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